Children=Money Part 2

I have already established that our foster care system is based on making money, not the welfare of children in my Children=Money post.

Now I come across a story about a woman who for dectades adopted children so she could make money. She had nine adoptees she was allowed to abuse, and at one point made $180,000 a year.

“The adopted children said they had never seen a doctor or a dentist and had not been allowed to attend school or even leave the house.

“These people have not received any formal education in the time they’ve been with her,” Bartal said. “At times when they were restricted with handcuffs or zip ties, during the night, they soiled themselves because they weren’t permitted to go to the bathroom.”

They were fed only noodles, and “they would have eventually starved to death,“Bartal said.”

Remember, she got away with this for decades. Where was the protection for these children?

As I said before, it’s all about the money.


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