Nashi for the Motherland

There’s a new youth movement in Russia called Nashi. Sounds suspiciously like Nazi, doesn’t it? Youths do numerous things in this movement such as:

“Obediently, couples move to a special section of dormitory tents arranged in a heart-shape and called the Love Oasis, where they can start procreating for the motherland.”

This shoots down the supposed over-population we keep hearing about, doesn’t it? They do have mass weddings at the beginning of each week at camp, but it’s not clear if all the couples in the “Love Oasis” are married or not.

That’s not all that occurs at this camp: all attendees must wear electronic badges, so their attendance can be monitored. Training them to get used to the chip in the future, I see.

Russia never really gave up on Communism, and now they are heading full tilt back into that system, which is why membership in Nazi, Nashi is so important. AS in the days of old, this will give them an advantage over non-members. Senior officials are called “Commissars”-exactly what they were called before-and get top positions in politics and universities. Nashi is also used to drive dissenters from the streets with violence.

Questioning the government is now considered “treacherous.” Stalin is now being revered as a hero who made some mistakes, but those mistakes are excusable since he was trying to make the country strong.

I know people who visited Russia and they said that statues of Stalin are everywhere, in small towns or big cities. I have to wonder why it’s okay for Stalin statues to be everywhere in Russia, and yet if Hitler statues were all over Germany, and the youth there were wearing uniforms and being called to loyalty to their motherland, people would be screaming for it to stop. But Russia does it, and it’s not a problem.

Talk about having blinders on….

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