Fathers vs. Foster Care

This article by Glenn Sacks makes a nice follow up to my post below. In Children=Money, I posted about the way the foster care system is set up for money and not for children’s welfare.

Glenn’s article speaks to how the system ignores fathers. In fact one father sued the system and won over the way they treated him and his daughter. When his daughter was removed form her mother’s care, the father was never notified. He still paid his child support, but the authorities refused to tell him where she was. And the system told his daughter that her father was a deadbeat dad. A “deadbeat dad” who continued to pay child support and even hired private investigators and attorneys to find her. This case is not an aberration:

“Yet in the report What About the Dads? Child Welfare Agencies’ Efforts to Identify, Locate, and Involve Nonresident Fathers, the Urban Institute presents a shocking finding: when fathers inform child welfare officials that they would like their children to live with them, the agencies seek to place the children with their fathers only 15% of the time.

Just as with Thomas Smith, 20% of the fathers whose identity and location were known by the child welfare agencies from the opening of the case were never even contacted.”

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