SWAT teams coming in the middle of the night, taking your children with no warrant or court order. Sounds like a country under an oppressive Communist/Socialist regime, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, these things are happening in the U.S.A.

This is not a Soviet-era movie script, but a reality in thousands of homes in the United States every year, courtesy of state child protective services agencies.

The least reported and understood social crisis of our time is the vast new police state run by these state social services agencies, which are generically referred to as “child protective services,” or CPS. The states have different names for them, such as Department of Social Services or Department of Children and Families, but they are all operating under a federal mandate. Whatever they are called, our next generation of children may never recover from their predatory intrusions into families.”

In 1974, under the Mondale Act, the child protection agencies became federalized. As usually happens when things become nationalized, the real problems began. There are seven federal standards that agencies are suppossed to meet, and here’s an eye opener: not one state has ever met the minimum stnadards. Some states have met one, but no state has met them all.

Why are these agnecies allowed to continue on in this manner? If a business had been found not meeting minimum federal stnadards for over thirty years, what would happen to that business? They would have been shut down, owners fined and jailed, and possibly their business licenses revoked. Yet the agencies are allowed to continue their path of destruction unabated.

Children are often taken on a Friday afternoon, so parents can’t challenge it until Monday, at the earliest. The agencies know this and do this on purpose. Then they go to a shelter hearing, where the attorneys often tell their clients to agree to keep the children in custody until a trial, a year or so away.

This is really important: should you ever find yourself in this position, NEVER, NEVER waive that first hearing. I don’t care what your attorney tells you, never waive this first hearing. If you do, then you have just agreed that your children need protection, you won’t get them back quickly-in fact you may not get them back at all. Once they are in the system, it is almost impossible to get them out. That’s why not waiving that first hearing is so important.

If the case did not go to court, the children can stay home as long as the parents do all the things in the case or service plan. They can also keep adding to the list, making you jump through all their hoops. One of the things they can do is order the husband to leave the house, if he was suspected of spanking, which in their eyes, is considered abuse.

States have adoption quotas to meet-if they meet them, they get more money. Therefore, it is in their best interest to make it as difficult as possible for parents to get their children back. If the parents still have rights to their children, then the state’s money is literally walking out the door. Why should they help themselves to losing that money?

The bottom line for the agency is not about children at all, but money.

The game of cadging federal CPS dollars has become so intense that states often hire multi-million dollar consultants to assist them inmaximizing federal reimbursement for the children they take. For instance, Massachusetts hired the now-defunct Arthur Anderson Consulting, at an estimated fee of about $8.6 million, to structure the state program to take advantage of as many federal reimbursement categories as possible.

Is the system really as corrupt, incompetent, destructive, and ineffective as this article portrays it? No, it’s actually far worse — if you ask a parent whose children have been victimized by it! The public perception is that CPS is doing a tough job, and standing against child abuse. However, any family caught in its web would testify to a completely different reality. When I take on a new case and forewarn a family about CPS dirty tricks, they usually think I am exaggerating. Surely it can’t be that bad. However, after the first court hearing, or if their children are removed, those families uniformly confirm that I didn’t tell them the half of it.”

Still don’t believe this is true? Here is part of one family’s story:

The next day, the father immediately obtained an appointment with their pediatrician, and both parents were attentive to Tevania’s condition. Thirty-six hours after they left the hospital, several carloads of armed police removed the children to the police station, where half a dozen DSS agents took them, without a warrant or an explanation. Later, the police log showed that DSS had lied to the police by claiming that there had been “injuries from child abuse,” as well as sexual abuse to the children. There was no mention of low calcium, since that might not have seemed quite as urgent.”

All this because one of their daughters had fainted from low calcium. Read this article for more.

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