Dress Police

The Iranian police now have female police officers patrolling the streets, looking for women who are improperly dressed. Some get a warning, but “others are escorted to waiting minibuses with dark black tinted window panes and labelled “Guidance Patrol.”

Once on the bus they are taken to the police station for guidance and to a center for combatting vice.” If they sign a pledge not to repeat the offense, they are let go, once they have changed into the appropriate clothing brought by their parents. If they don’t sign the pledge, they go to trial.

“We do not face an instance that prompts us to be physical. We do not have any bats or sprays, in the toughest instances we may grab her hand and ‘guide’ her to the minibus,” she said.”

Let’s call these things what they are: the “center for combating vice” is a re-education camp, if they’re held over for trial, they go to a labor re-education camp.

The “guide” to the minibus means we make/force them on the bus.

This is the Islamic version of Communism.

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