Busing (Again)

No this is not a post about the 1960’s, but about John Edwards 2007 plan to again bus students to various schools in order to have diversity. Schools in middle-class areas will get extra money for enrolling more low-income students. Doesn’t this still create that economic gap he is trying to erase?

Inner-city magnet schools need to beef up their programs. Only magnet schools get to beef up their programs, not the regular schools? Won’t there still be a race gap for the schools that don’t get the money to beef up their programs? Also, notice that the middle-class areas will get money outright, where as the inner-city magnet schools will have to build better programs. More strings seem to be attached to the inner-city money-curious for one who says they want to erase such gaps.

“Another prong of the program would create one million housing vouchers over five years to help low-income families move to better neighborhoods.”

Sooo….if the plan is to have the low-income families move to better neighborhoods anyway, why spend money on beefing up the inner city schools? Take the money that would be used for those programs and put it all to helping the families move to the better neighborhoods. Otherwise, there won’t be pupils to attend those beefed up programs.

Obviously, this scheme plan was not thoroughly thought through.

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  1. ~Joanne
    Jul 23, 2007 @ 03:21:30

    In a major city near us they have begun to build low-rent housing in with the higher rent housing..and all of it is in the same neighborhoods.

    We visited my son’s home not long ago..and there is ethnic diversity in their apartment complex. Some qualify for low-rent and others pay the standard rent. This was all in a gated area too which is very unusual in low rent areas.

    We asked our son about it, and he said there are low rent apartments there but the crime rate and drug rate is a lot lower than other low rent only areas. He said he thought the difference was the families are screened by background checks into criminal history. I’ve noticed there are background checks on nearly everything now.

    The schools in the area where our son lives are some of the best in that metro area.



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