Who Has Your Phone Records?

The FBI now has numerous phone records that were obtained illegally. The letters were signed by a senior FBI officer. The phone companies were assured that proper papers had been sent to U. S. attorneys, but in most cases, that too was a lie.

What are they going to do with all these phone records? And, although we know the FBI has them, we have no way of knowing which phone numbers they have. They could have mine, yours, your parents or grandparents-the possibilities go on and on.

Of course, these records won’t be destroyed, even though they were obtained falsely. What further abuse will these records be used for?

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  1. ~Joanne
    Jul 23, 2007 @ 03:07:15

    I have heard there are key words their software listens for..and when those words are heard, then the number is flagged for a real person to listen to that particular conversation to determine if there was talk of terrorism or some other crime. We use a lot of words that are also considered terroristic words..such as bomb, as in “the team really bombed in the game tonight”..meaning they didn’t do too well..but still the conversation would be flagged for an agent to listen.

    Nothing is private anymore.

    It is a scary thought that the FBI or any other type of government agency is listening in on private conversations. It is a violation of our privacy.



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