Children as Guinea Pigs

Some doctors in the U.K. want to use children as guinea pigs in medical experiments, including newborn babies.

“There is also a problem with dosing. Doctors are often forced to guess at what the child dose will be.”

What hogwash! I have a friend who is a pediatric nurse in a neo-natal intensive care unit, and the doctors don’t guess at the doses. They figure out what the dosage should be based on the child’s weight. It is not that difficult to do-it might be a bit more time-consuming at first, but that’s certainly better than guessing.

How confident would you be taking your child to a doctor that has this belief?

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  1. acromegaly
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 17:59:54

    If it is with the parent’s consent and the test cannot affect the well being of the child in any way, then no harm is done. (I have chosen my wording carefully).

    The initiative may improve the well-being of a greater number of children as a result.

    I for one, as an adult am consenting to be a guinea pig, as a volunteer, hoping that it will help other people.


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