Listing Gun Owners

An Ohio newspaper decided to publish the non-public records of concealed carry gun permit holders. They did this as a “… public service to readers who want to know who among them has been licensed to carry concealed weapons.”

The gun owners are understandably not too happy with the paper. If this paper is so concerned with public service to it’s readers, why not find out the non-public information about child sex offenders and publish that? It would certainly be a service to their readers that don’t have computers or Internet.

The paper can’t understand why people are upset, although one group did publish the public information of the managing editor. Of course, he hasn’t made any comments on this story.

Virginia did this back in March, although they did remove the information. The damage has already been done-you can bet that officials have and will hold on to their copies for later use. Now they know even more about who has guns, so when they want to take them, their job will be even easier. Not to mention that gun opponents have the opportunity to harass these folks.

Where is the right to privacy for these folks, that the paper even says are law-abiding citizens?

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